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Our mission:

To create, nurture and promote a way of life based on growing crops and raising fine horses that honors our heritage and our land. We harvest the sun and share it with others: our oranges, avocados, and Asian pears. We ride the wind when we ride our horses, our Mangalarga Marchadors.



oranges and grove

Our business:

We raise fruit without pesticides or chemical fertilizers to sell fresh-picked to local fruit vendors, stores, and the public. Come by in season and we’ll treat you to Navel and Valencia oranges, avocados or Asian pears. We breed, train, exhibit and sell fine gaited horses from Brazil, the Mangalarga Marchadors. Come to us to test drive the ultimate equine all-terrain vehicle, gaited so the rider doesn’t bounce, with the speed, tenacity, and athletic ability to tackle any trail, any sport, any discipline. We board and train horses, specializing in accommodations for very young horses, older horses, “mother” horses who need a place to foal, gaited horses and their riders , riders discovering horses for the first time, and riders ready for wide open spaces..



Our facilities:

On the Rancho premises are riding arenas, a 60 ft round pen, three hillside turn-outs, large, shaded paddocks several stud pens, two foaling barns, a 6 horse 60 ft radius hot walker, a tack room for trainers and clients, parking for client’s vehicles and trailelrs, horse bathing stands, a covered, patio next to the foaling barn, toilet facilities in a free standing trailer and, by the end of the summer, a guest facility for overnite stays.




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