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Our Business

Rancho de los Cielosin business to breed, train, and sell Mangalarga Marchadors

Back when people depended on horses for transportation, soldiery, sport, and agriculture, horses were thoughtfully bred, painstakingly trained, and profitably sold. Today, technology favors success among people who couldn’t sit a horse to save their lives…and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

So why do we, of Rancho de los Cielos, still believe there is a business of horses? The essence of business is the transaction between 2 parties, where each party gets something that meets his or her needs, to whatever extent is possible under the circumstances.

What is it that we are offering to sell?

The best horse for you to be the best rider you can be, for all the riding you dreamed of doing. Mangalarga Marchador horses of all ages and stages of training for sale or lease. Designer foals where you choose the parents from our own breeding stock or from among our collaborators.

The best training for you and your horse so you can both get the gait you came for. Training and lessons for horse and rider at all levels by professionals  dedicated to yours and your horse’s welfare

The best and most affordable (regionally) All Breed boarding, lessons, and trail riding services Barn stall, paddock and pasture  accomodations, arenas, round pen, hot walker, trails…customized care packages…full service, meeting the needs of horses and riders of all sizes, ages, and levels of experience.

The chance to guest with us, ride the wind with us, absorb our peace and our purpose. Be our guest, join our family, in simple luxury and comfort, …a unique “bed and breakfast” experience

The chance to “buy into” our dream:  “Outside the box” opportunities for those wishing to collaborate on the ownership, care, promulgation and promotion of our horses…ask and be charmed!

But who wants these things?  You do.

If what we’re offering is an unnecessary luxury or a trivial indulgence, then so is finding a meaning to your life, and becoming the person you’ve always dreamed of being.

What do we ask in return?

We want you to be happy with your horse! When we’re through, you’ll know your horse inside out, you’ll know how to get the best from your horse, and you’ll have joined our little biosphere of horse- happy, organically-grown, solar-powered riders. You’ll be spreading the word of what you gained in body and soul, breaking a trail that leads back to us. And you’ll be able to afford it,..we’ll find a way.

Come ride the wind with us!


Our Accomplishments

Rancho de los Cielos and rider/trainer Alessandra Deerink of Human-Horse Sensing proudly present Aria de los Cielos, a gray Mangalarga Marchador mare born and bred on the Rancho who is the first US Mangalarga Marchador to win an AERC Endurance Ride, (Death Valley Ride, 2016) and the US Mangalarga Marchador with the most 50 mile AERC’s completed up to 2018, and the first Mangalarga Marchador to join a fox hunt (3/2018) not to mention this mare’s remarkable showings as a gaited mare doing traditional dressage.

Rancho de los Cielos and rider/trainer Alessandra Deerink of Human-Horse Sensing proudly recall Allegria de los Cielos, another AERC endurance competitor (multiple 25 mile events) who represented her breed and endurance riding in general in the Pasadena Rose Parade, January 1st, 2016. First Mangalarga Marchador in that prarade since 2001.

Rancho de los Cielos and rider/trainer Jacob Martinez proudly recall Allegria de los Cielos, bay picada Mangalarga Marchador Mare, and her full brother, Rio de los Cielos, bay picada stallion, winning Champion Mare and reserve Champion Stallion,respectively, at the last U.S. National Show held in Las Vegas, fall of 2014, by the United States Mangalarga Marchador Association.

Rancho de los Cielos is deeply honored to host Jacob M Martinez, trainer and gaited horse specialist, recognized by Thiago Resende Garcia and Kate Barcelos as the only US trainer incorporating Brazilian riding standards and ABCCMM standards for gait into his training, 2013 ABCCMM  inspection held at Rancho de los Cielos and immortalized on YouTube.



Horse TRAINERS: Rancho de los Cielos Horse Boarding Operation is looking to expand its services and is offering career training opportunities to horse trainers looking for a place to set down roots and grow a business. Multiple business models may apply, ranging from complete autonomy/space lease for the established horse businessperson to sub-contracting opportunities for trainers or riding instructors desiring a new locale for new and/or existing clients who will receive the trainers’ services while boarding as Rancho clientele.  We’re particularly interested in expanding our learning opportunities for Western riders in some Western sports (yes, you can bring cows!) and in English disciplines (instructors in English riding, hunter/jumper, dressage).

If we can’t accommodate your needs with what we have, we can negotiate how we’ll build to suit.

Horsemanship students: Rancho de los Cielos presently has paid learning opportunities for the right candidate: a healthy human who wants to learn about horses and be paid for it (yes, this means cleaning poop and other non-glamorous aspects of hanging out with horses, as well as learning to ride).  True horsemanship begins with spending time with horses in their own environments (pasture, paddock, stall), learning to approach them, handling them, feeding them, cleaning up after them, learning to communicate with them by posture, gesture, spatial relationship, then touch and speech, then graduating to ground handling (leading, lunging, tacking) and riding. This is how Jake and I learned…by doing.

Call us, come see us, arrive with an open mind and leave with full of wonder, confidence, and newfound skill.