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Boarding Services


For more information on boarding services, please contact us at:
Tel: 951-808-2183

We’re Jacob and Theresa of Rancho de los Cielos. We’ve operated an all breed full service horse boarding business at the same location since 2000. Our facility is the back wall of a canyon, 20 acres opening out the back gate to 300 acres of challenging riding in the Lake Mathews Reserve area. Boarding clients from as far away as Santa Barbara and San Diego bring us their precious horse friends because of our knowledge, our service, and the beautiful, peaceful haven we offer.

We are a Full Service Horse Boarding Facility. We offer customized care from diet to exercise to grooming in a variety of accommodations. We specialize in the care of the very young and the very old, with pastures set aside for weanlings up to age 2 and special accommodation in stall and pasture for the older horse. And…we’re the only place we know that cares so much about your horse’s health that we include hoof trimming every 8 weeks (a little extra for shoes) in all boarding contracts as well as a colic preventive (psyllium), access to inexpensive worming and vaccines, and horse transport for boarding clients (yes we do! Jake is a professional hauler whose gone from Alberta, Canada to Mexico. )

Facilities: We have a 300×220 ft large arena, 100×80 ft private arena, 60ft round pen, 6
horse hotwalker, multiple horse bathing stations, multiple tack rooms and we offer free parking for one horse trailer, 4 or fewer horse sized.

Boarding accommodations include pasture, paddock, barn stall, and combinations of the above. We’re the only facility we know that has “private pastures” available, where one client can rent a fenced acre for from 1 to 4 horses of his own with no other client’s horses permitted to share.

Basic boarding includes feeding twice daily with hay, fresh water twice daily, cleaning at least once daily, and observational care that would include text or picture messages via cell phone whenever you ask or whenever something happens we need to share with you. Hay is a mixture of Bermuda/other mixed grain or grass plus alfalfa blend from border. or custom care packages that include exercise and training can be included. In addition, for paddock and barn stall horses, we’ll acquire and feed specialty hays, and acquire, store and feed grain or supplements at cost (meaning you reimburse us for the purchase and delivery).

Hoof trimming every 8 weeks is included in basic boarding at no extra charge. Add $45/mo for front shoes and $60/mo for 4 shoes.

Psyllium (colic preventive) is administered mixed with sweet feed once daily for 7 days every other month.

Vaccinations are once yearly, purchased by us for our own horses in bulk, and passed on to you at cost.

Worming is rotational, every 4 months with farrier visits, and, again, is no cost beyond the cost of the medication.

All of our pasture boarding is actually dry lot with all nutrition provided by us. Pastures are segregated according to gender (and age and special needs) and presently include a baby pasture, gelding and mare pastures, and “geriatric/orthopedic” pastures. Pastured horses can receive supplements, grain, or special hays by arrangement (custom care packages.)

Our paddocks are pole corrals with half-shaders, all 24×24, some with “baby fencing” to keep small horses from escaping out the bottom. We offer comfortable and safe accommodations for horses of all ages, life stages, and genders, from mares waiting to foal out to adult stallions.

Our barns stalls include 2 24x24ft shedrow barn stalls and 3 18x18ft mare motel stalls.

Custom care: We offer a variety of customizations to care, the favorite among our other boarders being an exercise package that permits a paddock or stall-boarded horse to get out alone (arena turn out) or with others (hotwalker exercise or turned loose in pasture between breakfast and dinner). Ask us about special feeds, about more than 3 meals per day, about grooming, bathing, hand-walking, hot-walking, round-penning, exercise under saddle (riding), and training- we do it all.

When you board your horse with us, you and your horse become family. You’ll find that you can stay on top of your horse’s progress even from far away because we’re quick with a video clip or photo sent to your cell. You’ll also find our place to be a quiet refuge where you can get all the personal attention you could wish for. We invite you to join us on trail training rides that we do with our breeding stock (and we’ve been known to take our retired horses’ owners out on a horse of our own, too.

Join us at Rancho de los Cielos, and ride like the wind with us!